Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gray Lady of al Qaeda wanted to poison Jimmy Carter

Go figure. Jimmy Carter. You'd think with his record she'd be giving him a medal.

Long before Aafia Siddique was arrested in Afghanistan last month, allegedly in possession of a list of New York targets and chem-bio weapons information, she had allegedly developed a plot, however improbable or amateurish, to kill Presidents Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush and to attack the White House. Siddique plotted to use weapons that included biological agents to contaminate former president Carter's water, according to multiple federal sources.

Her lawyer, Elizabeth Fink is a William Kunstler acolyte, who flashes back to the good old days of the Black Panthers and calls it all a big, fat lie. Of course.

They used the same stuff 40 years ago...against the Black Panthers, against the Attica Brothers...a list of targets in their possession...why would anyone be in Ghanzi, Afghanistan walking around with a list of landmarks of New York?," Fink asked. "These people are nuts and don't even know how to lie."

Oh and her client may have lost a kidney and have brain damage. Nobody knows for sure.
Judge orders doctor for Brooklyn inmate.

Funny. You'd think the Pakistani officials that visited her this weekend would be saying something about the missing kidney and damaged brain, wouldn't you? Not a peep.

Two diplomats visited Siddiqui over the weekend at a detention facility in New York, ministry spokesman Mohammed Sadiq said. Pakistani state media reported that the 36-year-old had requested a copy of the Quran, religiously appropriate food and assurances of a fair trial.

In a move to remain relevant, Hillary puts in her 2 cents. She not only thinks it's for real, it also means more pork for her adopted state. Atta girl, Hil.

"Today's revelation that suspected terrorist Aafia Siddique was apprehended carrying a list of potential attack sites including a number of New York landmarks is a sobering reminder that New York remains a top target for terrorist attack," said Clinton.

"Federal agencies and law enforcement officials must continue to be on alert and work together to keep our nation safe. It is critical that we remain vigilant in confronting these threats here at home and abroad. It further underscores the need for the Department of Homeland Security to allocate the necessary funds to protect New York and its residents. I will continue fight to ensure that New York has the tools and resources needed to continue the fight against terrorism,"

Mayor Mike steps up and puts his hand out, too.

...(he) called New York City "target one" and said the list found on the Pakistani neuroscientist provides more support that the city needs the lion's share in anti-terrorism federal funding.

"Every time we have talked about homeland security monies and where they should go I have pointed out repeatedly -- you catch a terrorist anyplace in the world with a map, it's a map of New York City, not a map of some cornfield in the Midwest," Bloomberg said.

On the credibility of the threat, Bloomberg said, "We view all threats as credible threats and I don't know that we have enough information to determine in this case. There's a lot of evidence that it is credible and I'll leave that to the professionals. But we take every single case and assume it is credible until proven otherwise."

More to come, I'm sure.