Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pakistan: Missile strike kills "arabs and punjabs"

I'm glad to see that somebody is still at work fighting the bad guys. (Even though the Afghans think we're gold bricking when it comes to al Qaeda bases in Pakistan:

Missile strike in NW Pakistan near Wana.

Details emerge that Arabs and Punjabs were among the dead.

Local people said two missiles struck the compound of Yaqoob Mughalkhel Wazir near a Scouts camp at about 7pm. Spy planes had been seen over the area before the explosions.

Sources said bodies were found in the rubble and three wounded people were rescued. They said that Arab nationals and ‘Punjabis’ were among those who had been killed. Yaqoob Wazir was also injured.

Supporters of pro-government militant commander Maulvi Nazir rushed to the place and cordoned off the compound.

Tribal sources said Yaqoob Wazir, who lived near the local brigade headquarters, was an influential figure and had contacts with local and foreign militants. He had played an important role in a peace agreement between the government and militants of the region. The sources claimed that foreign militants, particularly Arabs, often visited his home.

Looks like these Arabs won't be down for breakfast in the morning.