Wednesday, August 06, 2008

So sari! Exposed tummies rile Nigerians

Saris with tummies exposed too sexy for Nigeria. (h/t Religion of Peace.)

Indian women in their traditional saris with midriffs showing may find themselves falling foul of Nigerian law if a bill currently under discussion in that country is passed.

Tourists in towelling wraps and Nigerian women in traditional dress with their stomachs exposed could also find themselves behind bars for three months or subjected to fines of $100, according to the Media24 News Service here.

While women's rights groups have come out strongly against the proposed law, Muslim leaders are supporting the bill, proposed by Senator Eme Ufot Ekaette, who felt that nudity was driving men to engage in corruption and steal from the state in Nigeria.

"Nudity leads to corruption," Ishaq Akintola of the Muslim Rights Watch, a strong supporter of Akaette's proposal, told Media 24.

"Nigerians are fighting corruption, through which many of our leaders, mostly men, have stolen fortunes for their personal use. They build colossal homes in London, Rome and New York because they have to spend money on women and have to hide them in these big homes."

It's always the woman's fault with these guys, isn't it?