Wednesday, August 13, 2008

UK: New Muslim marriage contract to be introduced

Backdoor Sharia. Civil marriage isn't good enough for the Muslims apparently.

EXPERTS are divided about the impact of a proposed new Muslim marriage contract being launched today in London with the backing of Ann Cryer MP, that would, claims one, give recognition to shariah law. The new contract, drafted by the Muslim Institute, launching at the City Circle, would provide women with written proof of their marriage under Islamic law.

But discrimination barrister Neil Addison says it would mean shariah law by the 'back door.'

‘With government members approving it, it gives pseudo-legitimacy to Islamic marriage and to shariah by the back door, without giving any real reason why this contract is necessary and what’s wrong with civil marriage.’

Up to now, Muslims, alone among all religious groups, do not register their religious buildings in order to perform marriages that conform to English law. The new contract encourages registration.

Read it all if you can stomach it.