Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yemen: New Vice and Virtue honcho

Sheikh Abdulmajid al Zindani is a "Specially Designated Global Terrorist" and "Bin Laden Loyalist."

He wants to fight vice by tongue and his sidekick tells exactly how at their most recent meeting:

Al-Zindani added that the public role for fighting vice should be represented in fighting vice 'by tongue' through reporting and complaining to the authorities in charge about any violations of the Islamic rules.

During the same meeting Sheikh Hamoud al-Tharihi, one of the establishers of the vice and virtue organization, currently secretary general of the vice and virtue committee a leader in the Islah Islamic party in his paperwork that he read at the conference justified the establishment of the vice and virtue organization to the spread of vice in the country.

He illustrated a number of practices that contradict with the Islamic rules among them he said was the spread of the prostitution facilities, spread of places that sell wines, and drugs, spread of places that sell porno, singing and dancing CDs , hotels that facilitate watching scrambled satellite channels ,spread of the phenomenon of girls absenting from schools, spread of the tourism marriage and the Yemeni media and satellite channel for the sacristy of the holy month of Ramadhan "the Muslims' fasting month", in reference to broadcasting songs and women' on TV. in Ramadhan month '.

Can't think of Yemen without thinking of my friends over at Terrorism: Politicians and Victims.