Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Muslim Meatpacker walk out.

The God is Great sign says Allah Akbar on the back, what do you want to bet?

This time at the JBS Swift plant in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Unfortunately, it appears that JBS Swift is folding faster than a cheap lawn chair.

"An issue has arisen at our Grand Island facility regarding the sunset prayer during Ramadan and the timing for our second-shift lunch break," JBS spokeswoman Tamara Smid said. Smid said the company is seeking assistance on how to address the issue.

"Area religious leaders have been notified that restrictions regarding these breaks prevent us from precisely accommodating requests for an evening prayer break," she said. "It is our understanding that these leaders will notify employees."

"At this time, we have taken no disciplinary action and no employees have been terminated," Smid said of the Grand Island plant.
I swear the complaints must have been scripted by CAIR because they sound mighty similar to the ones alleged in Greeley. Here, one worker claimed to have been kicked by a supervisor while praying. Another claimed that a supervisor followed her into the ladies room because she went in their to pray and was taking too long. No word yet, on the breast fondling. They usually reserve making those kind of charges at places like al Jazeera and al Bawaba. The better to inflame the Muslim street.

What a racket they've got going here.

Members of the B shift (3 to 11:30 p.m.) and some members of the morning A shift walked off the job after being denied time to pray during what they said is the holiest of times for them -- Ramadan.

A group of protesting women said they were kicked by a supervisor when they attempted to pray at work. Asha Abdi said she knelt to pray when the supervisor said, "You can't pray here," kicked her feet and told her to go home.

Another woman, Hawo Mohammed, said she told her production supervisor she needed to go to the bathroom. She attempted to pray quickly in the bathroom until the male supervisor followed her in and told her she was taking too long.

Special accommodations have been made previously - but it's never enough for the Muslim. Never.

Last spring about 125 Somali workers resigned from the Grand Island Swift plant, but about 70 returned to work after Swift and the workers' union, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local No. 22, worked on the issue. The plant said then it couldn't accommodate prayer time, but did move many Somalis to earlier shifts that better fit their prayer schedule.

They wear outfits like this to preserve their modesty and think no one is looking at them?
They're kidding, right?

The Media campaign is in full swing. From the AP:

After he left the production line and began praying, Mohamed said, supervisors took his prayer mat, pulled him up by his collar and sent him crying to a lead supervisor, who fired him. "I told him, 'Look, I know I am in America and I know in America there is a freedom of religion for everybody to practice their religion. . . . And as long as you fulfill that — as long as you let me pray — I will always work for you,'" Mohamed, 28, said last week through an interpreter. "And he said, 'No, that's not acceptable — your prayers are not acceptable here. You're here to work, not pray.'"

Through an interpreter no less. No doubt an interpreter facilitated by CAIR, or Mohammed Rage, the leader of the Omaha Somali-American Community Organization. They can't speak English but they know their rights.

Didn't I tell you they were just a bunch of thugs? Gleaned from the comments section:

tmc- Well, I can tell you nobody kicked anyone! Plus I know that at least 1 Muslim told their own people they were going to work because they had bills to pay and their tires were flattened.

Tracy Overstreet - I'm the reporter for The Independent who wrote yesterday's story and the update with comments from Swift today. TMC, it sounds like you have some first-hand knowledge of what's occurring inside the plant. I'd like to know more about that. Please call me at 381-5420. I'd like to know more and corporate is saying very little.

Read all about the Muslim machinations at the Greeley plant here.