Saturday, September 20, 2008

Because nothing says Happy Ramadan like Bloody Mayhem at the Marriott.

A man carries a victim to safety. She looks severely burned.
Sick damn bastards that did this. Death is too good for them.

The death toll has risen to 60 and one of the dead is reported to be an American.

THE streets outside Islamabad's Marriott Hotel were littered with bodies and burned-out vehicles today, while weeping survivors in blood-soaked clothes searched for friends and relatives. An AFP photographer who reached the hotel minutes after a huge truck bombing heard cries for help from inside the burning building, where many people leapt to their deaths from upper floors trying to escape the flames.

The restaurants of the five-star establishment had been packed with Muslims breaking the daily Ramadan fast, and with foreigners who considered the hotel one of the few safe places to dine in the Pakistani capital. "It was like the hotel collapsed, and the roof of the kitchen fell with a huge bang," said a stunned chef sitting among the debris, his white overalls stained red with blood.

The question is - were senior CIA officials the real target?

Several senior officers of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who are reported to be currently visiting Islamabad were the target of the blast at the Marriott Hotel which took place here tonight. Well placed sources said that Marriott Hotel is usual hotel choice of the US officials and it seems that militants tipped off that certain high level US intelligence officers were currently staying at the hotel.

While no confirmation was available but Pakistan sources said it was clear that the explosion was aimed at specific targets based on a tip off.

Were they having dinner?

Sixteen US nationals were inside the hotel having dinner at the time of the attack, the official said on condition of anonymity, adding that they included several diplomats. He said the nationality of the second foreigner killed was not known.

The US Embassy is still attempting to locate staff members and others who might have been caught up in the blast. All major hotels in Lahore have been evacuated in what sounds like just a safety precaution. The Islamabad Marriott was previously attacked. Twice.

President Bush is scheduled to meet with Zardari on September 23 rd during Zardari's visit to the US for the opening of the UN General Assembly.

Our quote of the day comes from a former minister of Pakistan's most liberal party, the PPP.

"I would rather live in the dark ages under the Taleban than be subservient to any foreign power."

Well, that's sure where your headed, bub.