Monday, September 15, 2008

Pakistan: Gray Lady of al Qaeda's son released to family.

He looks hale, hearty and well cared for, doesn't he?

Afghan authorities Monday handed over to Pakistan officials the son of an American-educated Pakistani woman who's been labeled an al-Qaida supporter and is on trial in the United States.

Ali Hassan, 12, was with
Aafia Siddiqui when she was detained outside the governor's house in Afghanistan's Ghazni province in July.

Curious. The boy is rumored to be the adopted child of Siddiqui but DNA tests show he is her natural son. The good doctor must have been getting busy with somebody while hubby was off fighting the Great Satan!

Siddiqui's son has been in Afghan custody since July. He is a dual American-Pakistani national, and was adopted by Siddiqui after his biological parents were killed in a massive earthquake that struck Kashmir in 2005, Sultan Ahmed Baheen, a spokesman for Afghanistan's Foreign Ministry, said. He contradicted Baheen's statement, saying the DNA tests done by U.S. authorities showed that the boy was Siddiqui's biological son, and that he was expected to be handed over to her relatives in Pakistan.

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