Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Gray Lady of Bagram: The story about her kids keeps changing.

The family now asserts that Dr. Siddiqui had all three kids with her when she was captured and that one of them died while in the custody of somebody... the details are sketchy, of course.

It may be mentioned here that US officials claimed to have arrested Dr Aafia and her three children from Ghazni this July. One of them has since died while there is no information about her daughter whether or not she would be handed over to Pakistani officials. Interestingly, the Afghan government in its statement has been calling the youngster Ali Hassan. He has been in the Afghan government’s custody since July, when his mother, Aafia Siddiqui, was detained outside the governor’s house in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province.

About the boy captured with Aafia when she was in the process of identifying targets to bomb, the family alleges:

“He is traumatised and quite afraid but seems to be in good health,” Dr Fauzia told journalists after the boy had been handed over to her by officials of the interior ministry and intelligence agencies. Dr Fauzia said: “Ahmed is mentally disturbed and so far he has said nothing about what had happened to him in custody.” She suggested that he should undergo a thorough check-up to determine his health condition.

Good health? I'll say he's in good health. Look at him. Mentally disturbed? I can buy that - no doubt after being brainwashed by his mother and her al Qaeda cronies for all these years the kid is a bit psycho.