Monday, September 15, 2008

India: The Wi-Fi terrorists.

True terror - bombing markets

I know you all have been reading about the horrific bombings in Delhi this past weekend and how India has recently been hit with a string of multiple bombings, a hallmark of the Muslim terror scumbags, the Indian Mujahideen. Well, did you know how the 'Indian Mujahideen' has been sending their 'terror warnings'? By hacking into a wi-fi connection.

It didn't need great hacking agility or computer skills to have used the WiFi network of Kamran Power Control at Eric Building in Chembur to send the terror mail on Saturday soon after the Delhi blasts. Mumbai’s anti-terrorism squad (ATS) has found the WiFi system was not secured, implying no password was needed to get into the WiFi system, only an easily available software that allows access.

It appears the Ahmadebad blasts followed the same pattern, this time hacking into the unsecured network of Ken Haywood, an American engineer living in Mumbai.

For the record this latest in a string of bombings has killed 21 and wounded over 100 and is linked to the recent bombings in Ahmadebad, Surat and Jaipur. They are all believed to be the handiwork of one homicidal lunatic with an Allah problem, Tauqir, alias Abdul Suban Qureshi.

"A software engineer who was associated with a big IT company but quit to devote time to “religious activities”, he is apparently a master bomb-maker who has passed his skills on to his colleagues. The sources said he was allegedly a member of the Indian Mujahideen, a front of the Lashkar-Simi combine, and had been absconding from his Mumbai home since 2001. The police in four states — Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat — are looking for him."

In case YOU see this tech savvy psycho bomber...

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In the meantime, security at upscale malls, multiplexes and news media outlets is being beefed up as everyone wonders who will be next?

The good news: 800,000 Muslims are taking an oath against terrorism. And it's in Kerala, the place where my friend Lady G goes to see her guru (I know who would have thunk that one of MY best pals would be doing the guru thing...go figure.)