Saturday, September 13, 2008

JBS Swift: Muslim pig in a poke watch

Wah! Somalis blame Hispanics and say they were harassed.

Wah! Wah! CAIR officials flown into Colorado from Chicago say Swift bosses are "uncooperative"

Wah! Wah! Wah! Somalis play the press like a fiddle by throwing down the "hardship" card.

Here's the way it always goes down:

Meatpackers recruit refugees.
Due to the tight labor market, Muslim refugees get hired, and proceed to make demands for special religious accommodations. Management works with them for two years (in the case of the Swift Greeley plant) trying to accommodate them and yet keep the production lines going. The demands continue and become increasingly radical. The Muslims show their gratitude by walking off the line and bringing production to a halt. Act 2: Anonymous fliers threatening non-Muslims are left in the cafeteria. Accusations of Racism and breast fondling are made. CAIR flies in it's professional grievance mongers and with EEOC backing, the lawyers arrive stage left and then the Agony Aunts in the lefty media chorus chime in and it's showtime, folks!

I almost don't know what to say about this Muslim grievance theatre of the absurd anymore. It's so predictable. And sooooo depressing.

It's depressing because the Muslims will press this case forward through our legal system under "religious accommodation" and no doubt win.

Update 11:58 - And now we have this unreported item in a post from Jihad Watch:

There's much more to the story than what the Tribune printed. It was not all peaceful, as the Tribune has led us to believe. My neighbor, directly across the street from my home, is a Registered Nurse. She is currently employed at the Swift Meat Packing plant at Greeley in the medical department. She was an eyewitness to the building conflict and post-riot damage within the plant that happened at about 7:30 p.m. on Friday evening, 9-5-08.

The Greeley P.D. SWAT Team and many police officers had to come into the plant to stop the destruction by approximately 200 angry Muslims of tables, equipment, and helmets inside the cafeteria at about 7:30 pm last night. My neighbor said that the medical department rendered treatment to one non-Muslim female worker who was assaulted during the melee.

The first Muslim demands came as Ramadan began on September 1. The plant employs about 2,000 workers. The majority of workers in the plant are of Latino descent. The Somali Muslims, my neighbor tells me, constitute a majority of the remaining minority number. They demanded that the union-contract mandated lunch break be moved from 9:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

When management moved the lunch break to 7:30 pm for two days, to accommodate the Ramadan Sharia demands, the majority of workers objected. This is covered pretty much within a racial framework in the Tribune story.

According to my neighbor, there was growing tension within the plant during the swing shift on Friday, 9-5-08. During the afternoon she walked through the plant at the request of management to help identify any Muslims who might be in distress from not eating anything during the day. She told me that there were Muslim men congregated in groups, that she was then asked to attend an urgent management meeting, wherein a decision was made to change the Friday lunch break to 8:00 pm, in an attempt to keep everyone happy.

The announcement was made about the new schedule for the 8:00 pm lunch break. At 7:30 pm the Muslims, about 200 in number, walked off the job, went to the employee cafeteria and began to break tables and equipment. At that time my neighbor was walking back into her medical department. She heard the sounds of the violence and later saw the aftermath of the damage....