Wednesday, September 17, 2008

JBS Swift: Muslim pig in a poke watch.

Second day of protests at Nebraska plant.

Protests continue for a second day in Grand Island where Muslim works at JBS Swift say the company is denying them time to pray during the Muslim observance of Ramadan. Around 500 marched from Swift to Grand Island City Hall Monday.

Tuesday, the numbers dropped to around 30 protesters.

6 more fired at Greeley plant, join others in filing for unemployment and meeting with DOJ. Head Muslim troublemaker gets new job.

Isse said virtually all of the terminated workers filed for unemployment benefits on Monday and Tuesday, working through union representatives in Greeley. He said the workers also are filing for hardship benefits through the union.

Six more Muslim workers were fired at the Greeley plant Monday for taking breaks to pray around sunset, Isse said.

Some of the fired Muslim workers in Greeley met with a representative of the U.S. Department of Justice, and most have remained in Greeley, Isse said.

"I'm not going nowhere. I like Greeley," Isse said, noting that he had an interview this week at the Weld County Courthouse to work as a translator.