Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One if by land, Two if by Minaret.

Why do I see this mosque and think of the Mitchell Corn Palace?

Boston's new Mega Mosque to broadcast the call to prayer. Of course, before the mosque was built they taquiyah'd it all up and said they weren't going to do any such thing...

Yet, here we are today, listening to
their 7th century caterwauling emanate from loudspeakers.

In the cradle of liberty, no less.

Just depressing. (h/t The Religion of Peace.)

The Islamic Society of Boston has revealed that they intend to broadcast an amplified call to prayer throughout the neighborhood now that the Boston mosque is complete...but that's contrary to what two previous spokespeople assured the public when the mosque was still under construction.

Hah! I thought I was depressed just hearing about the call to prayer? Then I read this.
...Speaking of taxpayer screwjobs, the Boston Globe-Democrat has a story today about the opening of Menino's Mosque. Interestingly, this long and detailed article leaves out the two key facts about the Islamic Society of Boston's project: The taxpayers of Boston subsidized the building of this mosque by "donating" a $2 million parcel of land to the ISB for less than $200,000- -- a deal arranged when a member of the Boston Redevelopment Board also just happened to be a fundraiser for the ISB. The ISB is notorious for its support of terror advocates like Mullah Al-Qawadari, who was the first prominent mullah to urge women to become suicide bombers, too. The ISB has actually distributed the teachings of this sicko. And now, thanks to Mayor Menino, they've got a publicly-funded mosque to continue their work.

A little bit more about the Terrorplex and how the local politicos are selling us down the river.

A cultural landmark. The ISBCC is the largest Islamic center in New England, and the second largest on the East Coast. The 70,000 square foot building stands tall on Malcolm X Boulevard in the heart of Boston, a Muslim handprint on the city skyline.

The cornerstone of the New England Muslim community. The ISBCC is not just a mosque, but is also planned to house a school (by 2013), a library, an interfaith center, an exhibition space and a morgue. Every Muslim neighborhood in the greater Boston area has had a hand in its construction, and its leadership reflects the full diversity of our community.

A magnet for political support. The two-decade effort to build the ISBCC has brought together Muslims, the Roxbury community, the city of Boston and the leaders of other faith groups. Mayor Thomas Menino, (DemocRAT) State Senator Dianne Wilkerson(DemocRAT) and City Councilor Chuck Turner (DemocRAT) have all publicly announced their support for the ISBCC. More than 250 leaders of different faiths also attended an Interfaith Solidarity Event to support the establishment of the ISBCC. No wonder then that the ISBCC has been regularly featured in local, regional and national media.

You know, I'm always posting pictures of the terror scumbags. I think it's about high time I start posting the pictures of the members of the Democratic party that are facilitating the Islamic takeover of our country, don't you?

Here's Mayor Thomas Menino. Were he and Barney Frank separated at birth?

Here's the lovely and talented, Dianne Wilkerson. Tax cheat, home loan dodger and keeper of poor records. She must have gone to the Charlie Rangel School of Ways and Means. Despite the best campaigning efforts of Menino, Deval Patrick, trouble-plagued Dianne just lost her six term seat to Sonia-Chang Diaz. Such a pity. Oh well, I'm sure the multi-culti Ms. Chang Diaz will prove to be another DhimmicRat all too happy to roll over and play dhimmi to the Muslim mob.

In addition to previously being convicted of tax evasion and narrowly avoiding foreclosure, Wilkerson last month agreed to pay a $10,000 fine and forgo about $30,000 in debts she said her political committee owed her after acknowledging she failed to keep proper campaign records from 2000 to 2004.

Last but not least is Chuck Turner. And he's a gem. He created a scandal when he claimed to have photos of our troops raping Iraqi women, said Condoleezza Rice reminds him of Jewish people working for Hitler and oh yes, he WAS a community organizer.

Over the course of almost four decades, Turner — a Cincinnati native who settled in Boston after graduating from Harvard — has established himself as one of the city’s best-known agitators. In the early ’70s, he helped stave off construction of a stretch of I-95 slated to run through the South End, Roxbury, and Jamaica Plain, at one point lying across Columbus Avenue to prevent construction. From the end of the ’70s through the early ’90s, he pressed Mayors Kevin White and Ray Flynn for increased hiring of minorities and blacks on city construction projects. In 1991, unsatisfied with Flynn’s enforcement of existing guidelines, Turner led a dozen protesters who occupied Flynn’s office for four hours and forced him to make key concessions. More recently, he’s railed against educational inequity in the city, the onset of gentrification, and the wars in Iraq. In leftist political circles, Turner is legendary.

Get the wagons in a circle, Pilgrims.