Monday, September 29, 2008

Remember the UK family barred from Saturday burial because they weren't Muslim?

Well, it looks like someone changed their mind.

Council U-turn on non-Muslim Saturday burials

SHEFFIELD Council has announced a dramatic U-turn after a policy allowing only Muslim burials to take place at the weekend caused outrage. The council has admitted they "got it wrong" and is working out a new policy to offer people of every faith living in the city the same service. But it comes too late for Ms Maltby and her family, who had to hold the funeral for Mr Lemaire, a 75-year-old retired steel erector from Woodseats, yesterday.

Mrs Maltby said she was pleased by the U-turn after the council's flat refusal to consider her request. She added: "It was unfair and unjust I just wanted the same service as anyone else in the community. Their stubborn refusal made me really angry, if they had been more co-operative I wouldn't have needed to go to The Star."

Good for Mrs. Maltby! I'm sorry for her loss, but if it weren't for her going to the press with this ridiculous piece of dhimmitude we'd all be none the wiser about this piece of Muslim accommodation and it would still be going on!

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