Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What I've been up to since my return from Purgatory

Oh possums, the fly fishing was so relaxing I am having a hard time getting back in the rhythm here. Please bear with me as I try to jump-start my blogging-engine over the next few days.

These will probably help. They are my tix to the Road to Victory event in Colorado Springs on Saturday. The woman of the hour, Sarah Palin, is scheduled to be in attendance. Oh, and John and Cindy McCain, of course. Hah-hah.

I went and picked them up at the McCain HQ down in Centennial yesterday and there was a steady stream of people coming in to pick them up. I have a feeling the event is going to be a real crush. While at McCain HQ I filled out a volunteer form. We'll see if I get a call. There wasn't much going on - other than that steady stream and it didn't look like a phone bank had been set up. There were signs available (for free) and a camera crew was setting up as I was leaving.

I was bragging to my friend about scoring the tix. Guess what? She will be attending the afternoon event in Albuquerque.