Friday, September 05, 2008

When Khaddafi met Condi...

This picture creeps me out.
That Moammar sure has one nasty psycho leer thing going on.

Read all about the dinner in Khaddafi's tent with Condi, Khaddafi's "darling black African woman" here. I can only think of Lockerbie and wonder why we are having anything to do with these barbarian fools.

If anyone thought the mercurial Kadafi was getting mushy, note that on Libyan television in an address to the nation on Monday, he said it was “not necessary for us to be friends with America." He classified the two countries as “neither friends nor enemies.”

And his son and possible heir, Seif Islam, told the BBC in an interview broadcast Sunday that while Libya had acknowledged responsibility for the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, it accepted blame only to get rid of international sanctions against the country.

“We played with words ... it doesn’t mean we did it in fact,” he said of the bombing.