Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why, why, why are we putting up with this shi&???

Skins and Shirts it's not. How do they know who is their team?

When will this stop, people? This time it's a team of girl Muslim basketball players who are having a conniption because - wait for it... Boys at other schools might sit in the bleachers and WATCH them!! Oh, the horror.

Three years ago, girls at a private Muslim high school in suburban Bridgeview asked their basketball coach if they could play against public schools. School administrators hesitated because the teenage athletes removed their head scarves during games and wore uniforms that revealed elbows and knees.

Boys at the other schools might sit in the bleachers and watch them.

This year, girls at Universal School, on the grounds of the Bridgeview Mosque Foundation, will compete a full season against public schools for the first time by wearing a modest uniform of long pants and long-sleeved shirts beneath maroon sports jerseys. They'll also cover their hair.

"Our other option was to keep boys away at the other schools, and it's very hard to do that," said coach Lena Tleib.

7th century throwbacks playing roundball.

About the Bridgeview Mosque and terrorplex.

It's controlled by hardliners and has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Among the leaders at the Bridgeview mosque are men who have condemned Western culture, praised Palestinian suicide bombers and encouraged members to view society in stark terms: Muslims against the world. Federal authorities for years have investigated some mosque officials for possible links to terrorism financing, but no criminal charges have been filed.