Saturday, October 04, 2008

Al Jazeera goes to Say it ain't so Joe's hometown

What a bunch of happy horse shi& this is...

"On Thursday night, millions of television viewers around the globe caught a glimpse of something Northeast Pennsylvanians can see any night of the week: Scranton voters talking politics. However, local residents themselves will likely never see the footage of the live news show, broadcast on Al-Jazeera English from the upper room of Cooper's Seafood House in Scranton.

While the network is seen by an estimated 80 million people, it has almost no American viewers, but the fact the station chose Scranton as its locale to broadcast from on the night of the only vice presidential debate further supports how some pundits view the Electric City as a representative slice of the American Pie.

"Our goal is to make the international audience aware of what's going on here in America," producer Mariam Simpson, who flew in from Washington, D.C., on Monday to prepare for the show, explained afterward. The station has also broadcast from the Democratic and Republican national party conventions and is heading to Columbus, Ohio, next week for the second debate between Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain. Ms. Simpson scoped out several locations before deciding on Cooper's, and made dozens of calls to find the right people to represent Scranton to the world.

She chose Maggie Marriotti, Tom Egan and Kathy Moran for the panel.

All three are Catholic and pro-life, but the two women support Mr. Obama while Mr. Egan supports Mr. McCain."

You can watch the segment here, should you so choose. It's a double bagger, a barf bag is optional, but there is a douche bag alert because al Jazeera's Mike Kirsh is a douche bag of the first order.