Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Columbus Day

I spy with my little eye.

Hope you are enjoying your day, possums.

Here's a little known fact for your cocktail chatter fun - Columbus's sailor, Rodrigo de Triana, was actually the first person on the ship to eye-spy-with-his-little-eye the new world. "He found the island the natives called Guanahani at approximately 2:00 AM on 1492. The exact location of this island is unknown, though it was somewhere in the Bahamas". (wICKipedia)

I wonder what he said, don't you?

Well, I'm still trying to get my motor rolling after that Maui interlude, my friends. It was soooo nice and I'm still in Hang Loose Maui mode and
I'm trying to preserve the glow as long as I can.

Spent the morning making calls at GOP HQ. Thank you, I'll be here all week, Ladies and Gentlemen! People are having a hard time hearing us because the acoustics in the room are so bad and the phones are so cheap. Plus, they get really hot on the old earbone. No doubt giving us brain tumors as we speak, but what the hell, it's for a good cause. I'm too busy dialing to twitter, I think I probably called - let's see, 24 pages with 12 names apiece on them=288 people this morning. Given it was the holiday, I only spoke with a handful, perhaps 12. (Not counting the two rude hang ups. "Is there a category for a$$hole?" I asked our coordinator, Jericho, after the second one.) But out of those 12, I managed to sweet talk three of them into coming down and making calls with us this week. Hah-hah. Dinah can still schmooze with the best of them.

The list we're working is compiled of registered Republican voters that don't vote consistently. We're asking 6 questions pertaining to their support of McCain-Palin and the local Republican Senate and Congress candidate. The kicker is the question regarding the main issue driving their choice at the ballot box: a.) Economy/Jobs b.) Gas Prices c.)National Security d.)Health care. Today the responses were pretty evenly divided between a & c. A couple wanted an all of the above category and two made a choice but were quite vocal about pro-life issues being their main driving factor overall. I only had one who dissed the Republican ticket down the line. He was clearly an Obamoid, but he was polite and so was I. Can't ask for more than that. The entire list looked to be about eight inches thick and Jericho said he thought we'd make it through it by the end of the week

I'm told the list will change as it gets closer to election day with a huge push being scheduled to make tons of calls in the four day run up before Nov 4.

As Jericho reminded us today. Colorado is a swing state like New Mexico was in 2000 and Democrat Al Gore won New Mexico by a measly 366 votes. It would kill me if that happened this time around in CO.

Heck, those kind of numbers are a drop in the bucket for those fools over at ACORN.

Actually, 1.3 million new voters registered according to ACORN. The problem is, are they really voters? Up in Lake County, Indiana, they're finding out they are not. Some 5,000 applications came in, all filled out by ACORN, and there they are. They went through the first 2,100 of them, every single one of them, fraudulent.

This is going to be a real wing-ding of an election, my friends.

Tomorrow: The Case of the Missing McCain yard signs.

P.S. Hey, how about that market? ;^D Tomorrow should be very interesting...