Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Somalia: Life in Somali's pirate town

I'm about through with these Pirates, aren't you? It seems like ever since Talk Like a Pirate day, it's been pirate, pirate, pirate - nothing but pirates around here. If it's not the pirates of Somalia, it's the pirates of Wall Street.

Too bad I appear to be fixated on them.

Here is a verrry interesting article from BBC News. It gives more insight into how the pirates operate and the cottage industry that's sprung up around them: Life in Somalia's pirate town.

"Whenever word comes out that pirates have taken yet another ship in the Somali region of Puntland, extraordinary things start to happen."

"There is a great rush to the port of Eyl, where most of the hijacked vessels are kept by the well-armed pirate gangs.

People put on ties and smart clothes. They arrive in land cruisers with their laptops, one saying he is the pirates' accountant, another that he is their chief negotiator."


"In Eyl, there is a lot of money to be made, and everybody is anxious for a cut."

Read it all here.