Monday, November 10, 2008

Bali Bombers: There's got to be a morning after...

May they rot in hell.

Bali Bombers left to rot as fanatics desert them.

A SMALL black sign proclaims it as the graveyard of Islamic heroes. The message in Arabic is even more of a lie: "To fight for good against evil."

But evil lurks here at the final resting place of of the Bali bombers, brothers Mukhlas and Amrozi, who were instrumental in the murders of 202 innocent people in October 2002.

Just a day after the fanatical scenes that accompanied the bombers on their final journey following their date with the firing squad, their graves in the village of Tenggulun are a reminder their pathetic lives are already fading from memory.

There were just a few radical students lurking near the graves yesterday, apparently guarding their dead comrades from prying cameras.

As three vultures bring the bomber's families bliss...

The bomber's older brother Abu Chozin yesterday told The Daily Telegraph that the mood within the family was "blissful". He said they were happy that tangible signs of his brothers' martyrdom had been seen at the funeral with the appearance of three large vultures circling above the family's house. "The Koran says the souls of those who die as Islamic martyrs will be brought by the birds directly to heaven," he said.

Vultures are scavenging birds that feed on the carcasses of the dead and dying. They can eat rotten flesh containing anthrax and cholera bacteria.

"In the western world, the image of the vulture is quite negative, with 'vulture' used as a metaphor for those who prey on the weak or dying, with associated negative connotations of cowardice and selfishness." (source)

Sounds like a fitting metaphor for the Bali bombers all right. Take a quick peek at the Daily Telegraph Bali Bomber picture gallery to see what Islamohate looks like.