Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Out, out damned leak...

Everywhere I look there are leaks...

Now Mohamed el-Baradei is miffed because someone with"political motivation" leaked the info about the Syrian nuke plant. But get this! He's not miffed because the information isn't true! No, he's miffed because it might jeopardize Syrian co-operation. What a weasel he is.

The IAEA did not challenge the substance of Monday's revelations about the uranium traces. The concern is that the leak of confidential information could jeopardise future Syrian cooperation.

Like Syria is cooperating.

Syria has repeatedly denied being involved in any illicit nuclear activity. But Damascus fuelled suspicions immediately after last September's Israeli air strike by razing the remains of the bombed structure it described as a military facility and then stonewalling before reluctantly allowing UN inspectors to visit it. ... The mystery was compounded in August when the Syrian official charged with liaising with the IAEA, General Muhammad Suleiman, was assassinated by a sniper - a killing which remains unexplained and has fuelled speculation that he was murdered to prevent him being questioned about the nuclear issue.