Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dinah Does Denmark

Exciting news from the land of the walking wounded, dear readers.

As you read this, I am getting ready to jump on a plane for London. From there I will travel to Manchester, Dublin and last, but not least, Copenhagen. Wicked awesome, eh?

My Lord and Master had a business trip and decided that taking along the old ball and chain would be a good birthday present for said ball and chain. His business affairs will take him to England and Ireland. The trip to Denmark is for sammenhold!

So my next missive will be coming to you from London. (I am hoping my shoulder will hold up for all the luggage hauling, photo snapping, glad-handing and typing that will be coming)

And yes, my Mohammed-in-his-exploding-turban T-shirt is included in the suitcase.

Can you tell I'm getting jazzed?

Here's a few linkys to read in the meantime:

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Cheers - Dinah