Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dancing with the enemy

Freres Jacques, Frere Jacques, dormez vous? 'Cause it looks like the Iranians are getting tired of you and your schtick. This from Regime Change Iran:

"The regime-run newspaper Jomhuri’yeh Islami in an article entitled "We ought to be the ones who start the sanctions", admitted to major bribes paid to European countries to attract their support and cooperation with Tehran’s regime, writing: "Mr. Chirac cannot dance with our enemies and at the same time wink in our direction and all the while pillage from the share of all Iranians."

Mmm. Jacques says, "Let them eat delicious Iranian economic cake." Think it's yellowcake?:
"The importance of emphasis on this point is to know that France, in recent years has most benefited from the lucrative Iranian market and they are still trying to grab the biggest share of the delicious Iranian economic cake for themselves. Paris knows that with the 25 billion euro investment in Iran over the past 15 years it has claimed a remarkable place within Iran’s economy but we have to make Paris leaders comprehend that "double dealing is not on".

Jacques has a cozy little racket going and the article goes on to blow the lid off of it:
The circumstances over the oil and gas contracts and their car manufacturing is a subject that if scrutinized clearly shows nothing more than a total unilateral profit off of Iran and Iranians by the French. A more than 60% return on gas contracts with Iran, usually whets the appetite of the always hungry French and in relation to the French automobile manufacturing contracts, despite their commitments, they have not been willing to leave the exporting to Iranians and once again, in their unilateral manner of dealing, Iranians merely put the company’s marketing in the hands of the opportunist French. France with the presence of a lucrative market in Iran has established a cozy racket.

The Iranians want to use the French as an example by:
"...pushing France out of the the profitable Iranian market, let’s show others that political and economic ties with Iran requires accountability and the special rules and regulations must be observed to the letter. That Mr. Chirac made an atomic threat and participated in organizing sanctions against Iran, simultaneously reaching his hand onto the Iranian table is definitely unacceptable and intolerable.”

Imagine the squeals of outrage from the French were this to happen. Oh well, a girl can dream. Just like I keep dreaming about someone standing up to these Iranian pipsqueaks.