Friday, November 24, 2006

Fashion gives Islamofascism a big wet kiss...

Islamofashion is alive and well among the fashion victims.
Hat tip to Debbie Schussel who writes this:

"Marie Claire has done it again. The magazine which equates our female soldiers with female Islamic terrorists; the magazine which claims that Islamofascist TV broadcasts are liberalizing the Arab world (Ha!); the magazine which hates Christianity and loves women's lib--that magazine suddenly has selectively, yet again, discarded its feminist ethos to show us what it hopes will be a new fashion trend.

It's lovely how women who think they're so liberated they'll cheer anything anti-American, are embracing their future enslavers. Don't let the cover of December's Marie Claire fool you. Inside are not photos of Ashley Judd's breasts, like on the cover. Instead, lurking inside is a 13-page spread of Islamofascist fashion . . . and an article cheering a lawyer for Gitmo terrorists. Yes, this mag is full of chic . . . or full of something that sounds similar"

You know Dinah loves the fashion, Dinah does not love the Islamofashion.
Fashion forward, not untoward.

"The hall went dark and a hush fell over the crowd. But when the music started and the spotlight shone on the catwalk, the all-woman audience cheered to see a slender model hit the stage in a chic designer dress . . . and hijab.

About 320 women attended The Muslim Educational Trust's first benefit fashion show Saturday night at Portland State University, an event that put the mod in modesty -- and proved that hijab, modest dress worn by Islamic women, can be highly stylish. Islamic theology requires modesty in thought, behavior and dress. That's not always easy when surrounded by pop culture that encourages the opposite.
(poor little pop culture victims - let's be like Iran and behead those who traffic in it)

"We have a hard time finding what we need," said Majeda Hodroj, who is originally from Lebanon but now calls Oregon home. "We have to buy extra-large so it won't be (immodestly) tight, and then it is too big at the shoulders." (waaa)

A red-and-navy track suit from Prima Moda looked like the sort of thing a sporty young woman would wear to class or coffee. But the zip-front jacket reached modestly to mid-thigh. (gives new meaning to the term "sack race")

Any fashion-savvy college student probably could see the influence of Vivienne Westwood in the black skirt with pockets, tabs and red plaid inserts by Rebirth of Chic. But instead of a sky-high mini length, the skirt fell to the ankles.
(that's so hot - in more ways than one)

Lavishly embroidered fabrics cut into evening jackets and skirts by Artizara looked thoroughly modern. But the fabrics are woven and embellished by artisans around the world trained in traditional crafts. (the kind of traditional crafts they have to engage in at home because they aren't allowed to be in the company of men who aren't their husband/brother/father. )

"We wanted to assert that there is beauty in modesty," Asra Razzaque said of the philosophy behind the Artizara line, which she started with Sarah Ansari. Both women are from San Diego.
One segment in the fashion show featured modern takes on traditional costumes from parts of Africa, the Middle East and India. The women watching the fashion show cheered to see the garb of their heritage.
(Oh yeah. That Pilgrim look is so hot!)

"There are so many different countries here, I don't recognize all the clothes, (ed. note: it is kind of hard to see from inside those sacks)" said Shazia Malik, an engineer originally from Kashmir region of India who now works in Portland. The audience represented a global community, including Islamic converts of European descent and non-Muslims who came to support friends.

"After 9/11, we reached out to the Muslim community," said Setsy Larouche, a board member of the Portland chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League. "We didn't want them to experience what our families did during World War II, when it seemed no one was there for us."
(ed:note Setsy Larouche also appeared before a 2003 Oregon Senate judiciary committee to testify AGAINST a bill that would make terrorism a crime. She is also a retired US Army Major. She did not serve in WWII. When she says 'us' I guess she is feeling the pain [or is it guilt]of her ancestors. Note to Setsy - the last time I checked internment camps weren't an option that was being discussed. At this time.)

Afterward, women of the world shopped in the lobby. Not exactly world peace, perhaps, but still a bonding experience. (ed. note: I'll say it was a bonding experience since Islam wants to make all of us their slaves.)

Alas, I have not been able to find any photos of the event. But how dhimmi is Portland??? There's more. This was provided as a click box to the article.

Faith and fashion
Friday, November 24, 2006
"Wajdi A. Said, executive director of the Muslim Educational Trust, a nonprofit organization with a mission to educate the larger community about Islam, offered a few ideas about faith, fashion and the Muslim dress code of modesty called hijab:

"Islam wants modesty of the mind and behavior for men and women. The mind and behavior is more important than the clothes." (unless you are a member of the He-man Woman hating club like Wajjy and can't control your impulses.)

"Hijab liberates women from male scrutiny and standards of attractiveness."
(okay, so now it's liberating for a woman to let a man tell her how to dress. And I also love how it's okay for women to scrutinize men as they wear normal clothes)

"It's simply a woman's assertion that judgment of her physical person is to play no role whatsoever in social interaction." (that's because according to the Muslim code she's not allowed to have social interaction!)

"Women are recognized as individuals who are admired for their minds and personality, not their beauty or lack of it, and not as sex objects." (And I bet Wajdi reads Playboy for the articles)

"The Quran teaches us that men and women are equal. The only thing that makes one person better than another is his or her character." (Au contraire, Wajjy! In Islam the only thing that makes one person better than another? He's the man!)

Some Islamofascist fashion victims: Nike hijab. Islamofascist jeans to make hitting the floor all those times a day for Muslim Prayer easier.