Monday, February 26, 2007

Puntland threatens to free UN ship hijacked off Somalia

Just a little reminder of the last time Somali pirates tangled with a US warship. Before and after.

The latest on the MV Rosen from SomaliNet News:

Authorities of the semi-autonomous region of Puntland in northeastern Somalia have threatened on monday that they would forcefully release the UN world Food Program chartered ship in which pirates hijacked it off Puntland coast yesterday.

Saed Mohamed Rage, the minister of ports and ocean resources in Puntland told the local media that his regional government is engaging efforts to free the ship and its crew which was anchored Bargal coast.

Mr. Rage added that Puntland would never discuss with the pirates over the hijacked ship saying that Puntland coast guard will find the pirates and free the ship without ransom. “We will not negotiate with the hijackers. We will use our force to free the ship,” he said.

He said if the pirates are caught, they would be brought before justice. Some reports say that Puntland coast guards with speedy boats surrounded the ship which is now in the international waters.