Saturday, March 31, 2007

Brit GPS available on e-bay for 89.99 GBP

From Kamangir: Evidence of a face-off on sale for 89.99 GBP on E-bay.

Pic courtesy of BBC:

per Kamangir:
Apparently, the GPS which the British officials used to prove the fallacy of the Islamic Republic’s claims is not exactly how much sophisticated it might seem to be at the first sight. In fact, you can buy it on eBay for £89.99.

No offense, but I guess they should have used something a bit more military-looking for this big crisis. Not that I think that it matters at all whether or not the British soldiers have in fact “invaded” the Iranian territory.

The story is even more interesting than that. The Persian BBC translated the caption of the picture as “Satellite-based Tracking System for Sea Vessels”, while the description on eBay calls this device a “Stand-alone Navigation” system.