Saturday, March 31, 2007

Motoons: The Made for Syrian TV Movie

Grab the popcorn, kids. It's the movie we've all been waiting for - a Syrian made for TV movie about the "recent insulting cartoons of Mohammed"

Panties Be Upon Him.

Sulaf Fokharji paints the true image of Islam
Syrian actress Sulaf Fokharji has begun filming the scenes for her upcoming television drama “Sakef Al Alam” (Ceiling of the World). (ed. note: Okay, maybe I'm too sensitive but I have a problem with the title. If you will recall the restaurant at the top of the WTC was "Windows on the World." Call me crazy, but I think it's just another big middle finger from the media jihad.) The first filming location of the drama is in Denmark and the drama is scheduled to be aired during the upcoming Ramadan season.

This cracks me up ...dramatic pause...
The new drama aims at presenting Islam in its true form. It will also talk about the recent insulting cartoons of Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him that were created in the Denmark and how they created chaos to break out.

It's all about the sixth pillar of Islam...VICTIMHOOD!
The drama is a social one and tackles issues like mothers seeking jobs and leaving the home, connections in the working world, and how depression affects youth that are unemployed and struggling to make a living.

Too bad the movie won't tackle the issue of why this so-called religion of peace encourages mothers and youths to blow themselves to smithereens on buses, in cars, in crowded marketplaces, at buildings, soccer fields, discos, liquor stores...hell. I could go on here all night....