Thursday, March 22, 2007

Buckhead Society Gringa

Charlotte not only works down on the farm, she also has a high powered job in the big city that requires her presence three days a week. She telecommutes the rest of the time. It's a good gig but she works her ass off and has a lot of responsibility. I salute her longevity - I burned myself to a professional crisp years ago but she has been able to keep on going like some kind of Eveready Bunny. God love her. So right now I am coming to you from one of those suite hotel places in Atlanta. Charlotte is toiling in her office, The Squire is getting in the last load of birds and I am blogging on a pc down in the lobby.

About the birds: The chicks come in crates on semis. The crates are lowered onto a flatbed trailer attached to a pick up and then driven into the house where they are unloaded, crate by crate. All 180,000 of them.

About that immigration thing: Yesterday, I decide to find a car wash. Found one. Did some errands, blah, blah, blah. Got turned around and ended up coming the wrong way off the freeway. To get going in the right direction I turned into a street directly across from the hotel to undertake an around-the-block maneuver.

The street led into the parking lot for an abandoned Home Depot store. A store which had been evidently been abandoned in favor of one up the block. Yes, a newer Home Depot store was right up the way. That must explain why the parking lot had been taken over by a large group of day workers, 50 or so Hispanic and Black men of varying ages. Some of them looked heartbreakingly young, others so aged (or drunk) they looked like they could hardly stand up. It was about 2 pm. There was a guy pushing a cart that some kind of Guatemalan/Italian ice deal. I'm sure you've seen these guys in Latino neighborhoods. The parking lot was trashed. Garbage was strewn all over and there was clearly no place to go to the bathroom. You know what that means in the eyes of the citizen of the third world:

"Your world is my toilet."


My brother (God rest his soul) had his own landscaping business outside of San Diego. He used day laborers and told me the thing to do when picking somebody out of crowd of them was to look at their feet and pick out the one with the best work boots.

Well, there was a crowd gathering but I didn't have time to check out their boots. I was afraid I was going to hit someone. Guys were walking out in the street, holding their hands out and saying something I couldn't quite make out. I was just trying to find my way out of the place. But first, I had to go past the housing complex where it looked like a lot of the guys must have been living. It was also trashed with lots of men standing around looking at me.

And there I was looking for all the world like a Buckhead society matron. (Or would that be GRINGA?) None of them seem surprised that a 50+ broad, rolling in an Escalade would hire someone off the street corner. I found that odd. And disturbing.

All I could think of was Charlotte and her immigration policy. I couldn't WAIT to bring this one up over dinner. I also got worried. She is a woman traveling alone and the parking garage for the hotel is probably only 350 feet from this place. Not that far for a creepy perv at all. This is not good.

Our conversation went just like I thought it would. I brought up the safety angle - she pooh-poohed me. Saying loftily, "those places are always trouble free." I mentioned the fact that the men were walking out INTO THE STREET and hollering at me. She changed the subject: "I meant to tell you to be careful there's a man around who targets women and takes their jewelry." "Oh, is he Hispanic," I purred. She ignored me.

If Charlotte had only asked my thoughts on immigration I would have told her. That won't happen though. Like most libs I seem to know, the opinions of others aren't that important to her.

So I will tell you. I'm for strong immigration laws and enforcement of those laws. I support the creation of a wall along our southern flank. (I thought the whole idea of the "Minutemen" was great.) Regarding the creation of a temporary worker program? I'm all for it.

Before you go, "Whaaaaa?"

I say to you: Remember Elian Gonzalez. Remember the hue and cry that was raised when he was sent back to Cuba. Think about that scene and multiply it by 12 million. There's not a politician in the country that wants to be responsible for that scene being played out in the MSM 12 million times.

Ain't. Gonna. Happen.

Shut down the borders. Register the ones that are here and try to give them a path to citizenship. Don't play by the rules? Commit a crime? Hasta la vista, baby.

And about those day laborers? Why don't they pick up their trash and plant a garden while they are waiting????