Monday, March 19, 2007

Walking on Eggshells

around the farm this morning.

The Squire has gotten up in arms because he's got a problem with his cable bill and he was forced to speak to the cable company's customer service rep. A rep who lives in Calcutta. Don't say anything about the blacks or hispanics but in the world of these liberals Asians, Jews and now, Indians are fair game.

He's also ticked about the Confederate Heritage Month debate raging in the Georgia legislature and local op-ed pages of their newspapers. He doesn't believe the glorious South's past should be glorified and feels they should be focusing on current events, not events of 200 years ago. Dinah doesn't really have a dog in this fight, but tends to agree with him on the latter statement.

Still no word on when the birds arrive yet. Just a few things left to do to get ready for their arrival but The Squire has other business to attend to - he is also Mayor of the small town they live in and he is kept plenty busy with that!

Charlotte wanders into my room where I have surreptiously tuned the TV to the Fox News Channel. (I'm jonesing for news on Iraq and the Islammos - it all seems very far away here on the farm.) She looks at the screen and horror flashes across her face. "You watch Fox News?" "Yes, I do," was my sweet reply. She scoffed at me, then left the room.


About breakfast: Charlotte and I throw on our clothes, glide on the lipstick, slip on the shades and jump in the pick up truck to go over to the local Dixie diner for a half dozen egg sandwiches (and more Red Bull.) The sandwiches are a delight. FRESH eggs scrambled just right, country ham, smoky and salty to taste, slightly charred at the edges from the grill. Melty 'hoop' cheese with homemade biscuits light as air. Wowser.

The call arrives. The first load of birds will be here tomorrow morning at 5:00 am.

Time to get busy. There's lunch and supper coming up! It's also laundry day. Lots of laundry here on the farm.

Oh, and did you know Wal-Mart was evil? I didn't either.