Thursday, March 29, 2007

Out of Africa

Calling all Muznuts! Abu Yahya al-Libi wants you to get busy in Somalia. He even makes a special shout out to all those "mujahedin on the information frontline" urging them to keep up their contribution to the fighting - "inciting violence" and claiming it to be "among the most honorable of devotions and loftiest acts of obedience."

I guess he means acts of devotion and lofty acts of obedience like this out of Ethiopia: Wahhabi Islamists drag Christian Evangelist into Mosque and beat him to death.

And in South Africa? The Muslim camp where they learn to handle firearms, ride horses etc? Why that's nothing more than Club Muz so buzz off and mind your own business.

I'm glad to see that one more bad actor is off the streets in Eastern Africa: Terrorism Suspect Transferred to Guantanamo Bay.