Sunday, March 11, 2007

Well, I got my laptop back last night...

The people over at CompUSA barely gave me enough time to turn it on before shoving me and my computer off to the side to wait on the next customer behind me.

So you know what happened.

Got home. It turned on all right. Discovered that I have a problem with a USB device though and can't connect to my wireless network. So something is screwed there. I plugged in my Verizon wireless network card and was able to get online, albeit slowly.

Then after about 20 minutes of pounding the keyboard, the right click button on the mouse froze up. No click-ee, no cut and past-ee. (And you know Dinah lives by the cut and paste.)

To make matters worse, this CompUSA is part of 140 stores that are being closed. They expect to be open for another couple of weeks, or until their deeply-discounted stock runs out. You know they are not in the mood for customer service.

So I'm back upstairs on the slow as molasses, unsafe sex (my virus protection is expired) computer without my bookmarks. I have been posting mostly over at
Maverick News Media just because my current technology sitch makes double posting too time consuming.

There's more. I just slaved over a fine follow up ROP kidnapping piece and it completely vanished into the ether...poof.

I think I'm going to take the dogs for a walk.