Monday, March 12, 2007

Shadow Wolves Stalk Bin Laden

How cool is this? Native American Trackers to Hunt Bin Laden.
(Hat tip to Villagers With Torches by way of Maverick News Media.

An elite group of Native American trackers is joining the hunt for terrorists crossing Afghanistan's borders. The unit, the Shadow Wolves, was recruited from several tribes, including the Navajo, Sioux, Lakota and Apache. It is being sent to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to pass on ancestral sign-reading skills to local border units.

Some snippets cited in the Sunday Times of Australia article:
The Pentagon has been alarmed at the ease with which Taliban and al-Qa'ida fighters have been slipping in and out of Afghanistan. Defence officials are convinced their movements can be curtailed by the Shadow Wolves.

Who knows? Maybe the Wolves can help out here, too!
The deployment of the Shadow Wolves came as Iraqi militants holding a German woman and her son threatened yesterday to kill their captives unless Germany started withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan within 10 days.

Shadow Wolf bonus: Read this great Smithsonian Institution article on the Wolves here.