Sunday, April 15, 2007

Evil with a little hat on top.

You're looking at evil, folks. That's Sheik Feiz Muhammed, the controversial Australian imam much in the news as of late. He left Australia after his last boneheaded remark about uncovered meat made headlines around the world. Since then he has been hiding somewhere in Lebanon like a momma's boy. (What is it with all these big bad Muzlims that at the first sign of heat they go in hiding like big, fat chickens?)

Anywho. Watch a short video clip from his Death Series here.

Want to blow a carotid? Peruse this list of his 'lectures'. I listened to The Enemy's Plot. I couldn't stomach much of it and as I listened I could only think of Hitler, but with an Aussie accent. Listen for as long as you can. Time-saving tip. He doesn't really get going on 'the enemy'til about 1:20. Then ask yourself what kind of wack job would leave the comment. "Check out his lectures, really good!".