Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wear the Hijab, b*&^%

Yaser Sami denies insulting Ruby
(it's a good thing he didn't call her a diaper headed garden implement. ask Imus.)
Syrian director Yaser Sami denied intentions to insult controversial Egyptian singer Ruby in the song he directed “Ithajabi” (Wear the Hijab), and refused to be undertaken by her threats to sue him. The song makes a political statement against music videos that feature scantily clad singers and dancers, which Al Hajj believes sends a negative message to viewers.

Sami asserted that he will launch the video clip in the very near future on several Arab satellite channels without deleting or changing any of the scenes.

He stated that the clip is in no way a direct attack against anyone and particularly Ruby.

According to the Qatar based daily, Al Raya, Ruby is threatening to sue the director for filming the video clip that features a little girl preparing to pray and in the process turns off a television set that is playing one of Ruby’s music videos.

The singer has launched a major campaign in the hopes of changing her image, and removing her label as an indecent singer. Her latest album is the first step in the right direction for Ruby as she presents a series of high quality songs.

Ruby’s music videos were previously banned from a local Egyptian television channel after the administration deemed they were inappropriate for the average viewer due to their provocative nature.

You decide.