Monday, April 16, 2007

Hijab wearing Tae Kwan Do team get booted

How ridiculous is this?

Quebec. That hotbed of Muslim hijab sporting activity is in the news again. This time it's a Tae Kwan Do team that was wearing the curtains.

The Globe and Mail come to the pity party loaded for bear.

Five young girls were suddenly thrust into Quebec's controversy over the rights of religious minorities yesterday when they weren't allowed to compete in a local tae kwon do meet unless they removed their Islamic head scarves.The girls, between the ages of 10 and 14, had trained for days and were eagerly anticipating competing for medals at the competition in Longueuil, south of Montreal. The members of the Montreal team were told they couldn't participate unless they removed their head scarves for safety reasons

They had been allowed to wear them the year before, so I can understand some of their upset. But honestly, after all the hue and cry about them with the Soccer team, didn't they think to inquire when they registered for the tournament? They go on to decry the politicization of the hijab. In response to that I would have to point them to their own Islamic leaders who urge all good Muslimahs to wear the hijab as a symbol of their jihad against the West. Kind of like the KKK and their robes.

Which has gotten me thinking. What happens to hijab wearing Muslimahs in the US of A? Hmm. Read it all here to here about 'reasonable accommodation', the backlash, oh and don't forget to call the Wah-mbulance for those poor, aggrieved girls.

Got a minute? Scan through this Islamonline "Live Dialogue Session.' Future Jihadis talk football and hijab.