Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Iranians, UFO's and Missile Defense.

Remember the Iranian UFO we talked about here?

Well, Kamangir gives us this little tidbit about the Iranians and their missile defense preparations:

The air defense system at Isfahan UCF center became active for fifteen minutes. The official sources say that it has only been a drill to “measure the preparedness of the site”. Formerly, some city officials had connected the incident to a Basij rescue and metropolitan-war maneuver. The officials also denounced any relationship between the shooting and any UFO-sighting in the region. “The site had undergone maintenance and the drill was geared towards finding out its preparedness”, the officials said to Fars.

The official statement finishes with “in recent years, the drill had been carried out every three months. Recently, due to the tense military situation of the region, that period has been cut shorter”.

The Iranians are killing are soldiers in Iraq. We've seen clear and convincing proof of that. So why are we still pussyfooting around with them and their nuclear ambitions and holocaust denial? I mean seriously.

We could squash them like bugs.

We pay big bucks for all this military hardware. I say let's use it and be done with it.

Bombs away dream baby.