Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Kingdom takes on Takfeer

The menace of fanaticism.
The Kingdom has recognized the dangers of radical fanaticism to our society and has publicly launched a zero-tolerance drive to rid itself of the threat posed by those spreading the message of “takfeer”, which labels anyone not following their interpretations of Islam as non-Muslim.

Funny how the Saudis are getting around to fighting the War on Terror at the time the Defeatocrats are saying it doesn't exist
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah is to address the Shoura Council today. Undoubtedly, a portion of his speech will touch upon the government’s war on terror. Along similar lines, Prince Naif, the minister of interior, stated last week that the government’s battle against extremism would broaden in scope to include those clerics who are found guilty of spreading militant messages among the youth, and directing them toward the path of intolerance and subsequent violence.

Funny how the Saudis are calling on the media to assist them in this fight against radical islam while the Defeatocrats wouldn't think of such a thing (ed. note: Come to think of it neither has George Bush, grrr!)
The media and cultural agencies must do more in confronting the phenomenon of terrorism, by rooting out terrorist ideology and addressing social and international factors that promote terrorism,” was the statement attributed to them by the official Saudi Press Agency.

Funny how the Saudis are starting to speak out against the threat of radical islam, while the Defeatocrats kowtow to radical imams and do everything but kiss their a$$ in Macy's window. Religious edicts (fatwas) were being issued by self-appointed clerics on everyday matters coupled with threats of hell and damnation, and some radical teachers infiltrated our schools to poison young and impressionable minds. There is no denying that this held our country back when it should have moved forward.

Funny, how the Saudis are calling on the public to do their duty as well. And the Defeatocrats? Why they are all for allowing 'John Does' who report suspicious behavior to be sued.
It is time the public joined the campaign against extremism and put a stop to the message of fanaticism.

It's a crazy world we're living in, folks.