Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Iranian fashion victims.

Long time readers of Dinah Lord knows that she views the Islamic oppression of women to be vile and a key indicator of the 7th century mindset of modern Islam. It pains her to see women willingly submit to the fashion dictates of the He-Man-Woman-Hater's Club that is Islam. The screws are being tightened in Tehran. Will the world stay silent like they did when this began happening in Afghanistan? Or will they continue to bow and scrape and make 'reasonable accommodation'?

From Iran Focus:

The police bus screeches to a halt at a Tehran square packed with traffic. The officers leap out and begin spot checks on passing pedestrians and cars. Police work apparently like any other place in the world. But here in the Iranian capital their targets are women deemed to have infringed the Islamic republic's strict dress rules. "For God's sake no pictures!" yells a mother whose daughter has just been stopped by the male officers for her Islamic headscarf (hijab) being pushed too far back and revealing an excessive amount of hair. The dusk patrol in Tehran's western quarter of Shahrak-e Gharb is part of a nationwide crackdown aimed at "guiding"
women to adhere to the Islamic dress code, which since the 1979 revolution
requires women in Iran to cover their heads and bodily contours.

The religion of police:

"When we stop a vehicle, we politely tell them to correct their hijab. If our advice is carried out, then we leave it at that," police Corporal Habib Mohammad told an AFP reporter who was taken on the patrol. "If not and the female passenger or driver shouts back, then we will ask her for her car's document, and we will stop her car and take her case to the police station."

Hey, dude. Think you're safe? Not if you wear short sleeved shirts or tight jeans. Hah. You can beat your wife but you can't wear a wifebeater.

Twelve men have also been detained for "not observing the proper Islamic dress code" by wearing tight pants or short-sleeve shirts, he said.
And listen to this creepy, little perv:

"The current situation is shameful for an Islamic government. A man who sees these models on the streets will pay no attention to his wife at home, destroying the foundation of the family," said Mohammad Taghi Rahbar, a member of the culture committee of the Iranian parliament.
Here are some pictures of the arrests being made. Look at the outfits these women are wearing. Do they strike you as being overly revealing? Look at the headscarfs they are wearing. Does the sight of a woman's hair make your loins tighten? Didn't think so.

An Iranian police officer tells a woman to go into a police vehicle in eastern Tehran
An Iranian woman after seeing police officers in eastern Tehran. (she looks scared to me.)

Women wait to follow police to a police station in Tehran, April 23, 2007

A woman talks to police at a police station in Tehran, April 23, 2007.

A policeman warns a woman (R) about the state of her clothing and hair during a crackdown to ensure women adhere to Islamic dress code in Tehran

A policewoman (R) warns a woman about the state of her clothing and hair during a crackdown on adhering to Islamic dress code

And how do the Iranians take care of their uppity women?
Penalties for disobeying the dress code are severe. Women caught flouting the code can receive lashes, jail sentences, and large fines.