Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pakistan: Gov't caves into Lal Masjid Demands

Students at the Red Mosque

Sharia anyone? In what can only be described as APPEASEMENT and CONCESSION the Pakistan government has agreed to accept all demands of the 'management' of the Lal Masjid or Red Mosque. Details are to be released to the Parliament today. What does that mean to the average Mo on the Pakistani street? It means the enforcement of sharia law.

The Pakistani Muslim League leader denied the presence of illegal activists (read jihadis) and ammunition in the mosque. This despite the report of massive amounts of arms and ammunition spotted by two security guards taken hostage by the group. This also runs counter to the frequent assertions made by President Musharraf that the mosque provided aid and comfort to SUICIDE BOMBERS. The Mosque denies this, of course.

And in what can only be described as Moslem paranoia run amok the Mosqueteers are complaining about aerial surveillance and being sprayed with gas by helicopters. (were they black I wonder?)

This does not bode well for President Musharraf and it appears that nuclear Pakistan is moving ever closer to having a radical muslim finger on the red button of the nuclear bomb.

Faster, faster on the nuclear shield please. Russia and China better get with the program, too. Although, given the state of institutionalized paranoia to be found in their governments this is highly unlikely. This ain't good, folks.