Sunday, April 01, 2007

Nancy and Keith's Excellent Adventure Day 2 - Pics!

Nancy's advance team in Syria. The Three Stooges; Wolf, Pitts, Aderholt.
And the chinless opthalmologist or whatever he is.

Wearing her red power suit, Nancy proudly pledges allegiance next to Israeli hottie. Hope she at least remembered the words.

(P.S. Nan - turned up toes? Could you pls. buy a decent pair of shoes?)

Nancy waves dogtags of Israeli soldier hostage around in one hand and cuts off funding to the troops with the other.

God, I hate women who don't know how to shake hands.

Looks like Nancy has a weak girly, limp fish handshake. Ick.

Nancy, Keith and Kim, Keith's wifey. I wonder what number wife she is?

Hah-hah. Just kidding. I think.

At last a cocktail! Nancy sure looks like she enjoys her wine but like she's a little afraid of the Israeli hottie here. What will happen when she faces off with Assad?