Sunday, April 01, 2007

Rosie, you are really starting to piss me off.

Okay, I know that the show is called The View and I'm all for free speech and all that, but really! Enough is enough.

Tehran Rosie you are becoming a menace to society with your lies and scurrilous accusations. I would bet cash money that you have NEVER EVEN BEEN TO 7 WTC and I sincerely doubt whether you ever even made it to the Twin Towers.

I have.

The company I used to work for had it's head shed at 7 WTC and I spent many an hour there. I can tell you that its close proximity to the Twin Towers made it a sitting duck. Have a couple of 110 story office towers fall down on top of you and see what happens, Rosie pie

Read Popular Mechanics response to Rosie's ill-informed rant.

And then tell the man that really needs to know what you think about Rosie what YOU think.

Then go over to MNM and look at a great night time shot of the Towers.

Man, I sure miss them in the skyline.
/rant off