Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sickening beasts.

From No Pasaran: Islamist Porn Snuff Film to be Released Shortly

A Jihadist Palestinian militia claims to have killed BBC Gaza reporter Alan Johnston. Apparently they can’t control themselves. Those who claim to have killed him say Britain is somehow responsible, inspite of the fact that they kidnapped him, (or appropriated him from a ringer,) and claim to have murdered him.

"The whole world knows of our just cause in demanding the release of our prisoners, who are waiting under the fire of the occupation," the statement began. "Our demand was that all of those who are responsible for the journalist... release our prisoners who are being held in the prisons of the occupation," it continued.

Despite the fact that these groups are notorious liars about their claims, they may have actually taken his life. Either way, it’s your fault. Islamist porn to follow:

"We will disseminate a video in which we show his killing soon to the media outlets," the statement said.

In closing, it captured the limit of the depth of their moral underpinning: Allah is great, for it is either victory or martyrdom," it concluded.