Friday, May 04, 2007

Al Qaeda has a new enemy in town...

From AKI: New Cartel joins anti Al Qaeda front.

Three of the most important Iraqi insurgent groups have formed a new cartel calling itself the Jihad and Reform Front in what appears further evidence of the isolation of al-Qaeda in Iraq.
The Islamic Army in Iraq, the Mujahadeen Army, and the splinter group of the Army of Ansar al-Sunna known as the Sharia Committee have joined forces. Though not explicitly stated in the foundation document posted to Islamist internet sites on Thursday, the group has a clear anti al-Qaeda role, challenging the principles and strategies of its armed struggle."

The group's aim is to continue the resistance in Iraq and throw out the occupiers but at the same time to restate that Jihadi operations will strike the occupiers and their agents and not innocent civilians whom we should protect," reads the statement. The new cartel goes on to ask the Islamist militiamen to think seriously about the consequences of their attacks before carrying them.

These words, and the final part of the document which refers to an interpretation of Sharia law which can change according to the requirements of a military strategy, appear to be a pointed criticism of al-Qaeda in Iraq which is increasingly isolated within the insurgency. The terms of reference of the document, which used religious language, are exclusively Iraqi with no reference to global jihad.

I love it when they fight among themselves.