Thursday, May 10, 2007

Boy, was I wrong...

I had it all wrong about Kathleen Sebelius. She had it wrong here and I had it wrong here.

Scott over at
Town Commons breaks it all down for us in:

Madame Governor Sebelius you are unethical and dishonest.
Madame Governor, you know that the Kansas National Guard, like every state's National Guard, is a construct of the federal government. It exists solely under the Constitution and federal law. The National Guard is not a state asset whose primary mission is to stand by in your home state if needed for disaster relief. Rather, the National Guard is "an integral part of the first line defenses of the United States" that must be prepared for call "to active Federal duty" at any time, and to be "retained" on active duty "as long as so needed." U.S.C.A. § 32-1-102. Most of the funding for the training and equiping of the Kansas National Guard comes not from your state, but from federal tax dollars paid by all Americans.

The National Guard is a national asset. The federal government has exercised its authority to use a portion of the Kansas National Guard and its equipment in the Iraq war effort. The Guard is taking part in a war against radical Muslims who have already killed thousands of Americans, and who every day dream of killing millions more. To suggest that employing the Kansas National Guard in this fashion is misuse by the Bush administration is utterly disingenuous.

Disaster preparedness, Madame Governor, is your responsibility. I will grant you the reality that most governors rely in part on their state’s National Guard to assist in responding to natural disasters. But in the time you took to make your unethical ad hominem attack on President Bush and the war in Iraq, the reality is that you could have simply asked for additional assets and they would have been provided.

As it is, you have the bulk of the Kansas National Guard available. While a portion of the National Guard is off performing their primary mission, that has left you with 88% of your National Guard forces, 352 Humvees, 94 cargo trucks, 72 dump trucks, 62 five-ton trucks, 13 medium-haul trucks and trailers and 152 2 1/2-ton trucks. Moreover, there are another 83,000 Guardsman with vehicles and equipment at the ready in neighboring states available upon your mere request.

Scott goes on to point out that the 1.5 sq mile Greensburg couldn't fit all the equipment she has at her disposal. Not even if it was placed asshole to elbow. Hah! Thank you Scott.