Thursday, May 10, 2007

One more National Guard post...

U.S. defense secretary rejects letting governors direct active-duty military in emergency

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has rejected a proposal to let governors command active-duty troops who respond to disasters, officials said Wednesday, but the Pentagon will grant National Guard leaders more authority to coordinate with other military and homeland security agencies. Gates told Congress on Wednesday that he had approved 20 of the 23 changes recommended recently by an independent commission in an effort to improve Guard financial controls, equipment and coordination in emergencies.

There is no word yet on which other changes were not approved. Clarifying the fed's role:
The governors have authority over their own state National Guard troops during disasters, but the U.S. military takes command once a Guard unit is federalized by the president, such as in larger crises like the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks or to augment regular forces during wartime. Governors cannot command regular, active-duty forces.

A copy of the National Guard commission's report is here.

I wonder, if is this also part of the Governor's problem - she doesn't like the way this went down?