Wednesday, May 02, 2007

From Michael Yon.

Why we are in Iraq.
Announcing the effort to be lost does not help our cause.

[Book from the college library: highlighted electronically.]

Our new plan in Iraq involves our soldiers getting out more with the Iraqi people. A first test of its viability comes as a group of soldiers set out to meet their neighbors.

Our soldiers hand out these tip-line cards to local Iraqis.

Glints of the future: I look at the kids for clues to what their parents think about us. A few minutes from the Babel College—now COP Amanche—Iraqi families were waiting outside their homes for a chance to talk with soldiers from the 1-4 Cavalry

Iraqis love to show off their kids. Grandparents, mothers and fathers kiss their babies.

No translation is needed.

Kiss from Grandma: Iraqi women can be very funny about the showing off of their kids. The grandmother wanted to hold the baby, but mom came out and asserted her place.

There were many family members around, and though the men were happy to see us, they seemed skeptical that we are going to stay, voicing concerns that our soldiers have come there before, but not stuck around. As soon as the Americans leave, the terrorists move back in, which leaves the locals in the middle of what amounts to a gang war, and we are one of the gangs.

There's lots more at the link and as Michael says:

Thank you to bloggers for any links. There is no need to be here getting shot at unless people at home see the photos and stories of Iraqis, and our people at war.

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