Thursday, May 03, 2007

VDH: Ahmadinejad loves Rosie...

Give us this day our daily VDH...
Americans for weeks woke up and went to bed to news updates about Anna Nicole Smith’s death and the fate of her daughter.

Then, we seemed to go into near national paralysis over Don Imus’s “hos” slur — yes, including this writer, who wrote half a column on his arrogance. But then actor Alec Baldwin came to the rescue screaming, “Pig!,” at his poor 11-year-old daughter — and, of course, accepting Dr. Phil’s televised offer of intervention.

The media run with this trivia because they know it will hook viewers. But why do we care about this transient fluff? After all, it’s not as if there hasn’t been real news this spring.

To recap just some of what’s been going on while we waste our time following spats between Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump: We are reaching the 11th hour in Iraq, as Gen. David Petraeus surges troops to secure Baghdad and stabilize a fragile democracy before the Democrats cut off funds for the war effort.

Al Qaeda in Iraq tries to pull off as many spectacular attacks as possible to demoralize Americans.

The future of much of the Middle East hangs in the balance. Last week, jihadists who were planning to blow up an oil field in Saudi Arabia were arrested. And according to a leaked memo from British intelligence, others plot new major attacks.

Please read it
all...It's chilling. And very sobering.