Sunday, May 27, 2007

Muslim soldier survives catering incident

Call the waaaa-mbulance! Muslim soldier was fed pork sandwich!!!!!

Colchester’s Military Corrective Training Centre has been accused of trying to feed a Muslim with a pork sandwich. Saeed Akhtar is claiming that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) breached his rights under legislation covering discrimination because of religious beliefs while serving as a soldier.

On April 30, employment tribunal Chairman at Bury St Edmunds permitted Akhtar to take his case to a full tribunal hearing. Akhtar is claiming the MoD had failed to provide him on a regular basis with suitable meat. He told tribunal Chairman, Brian Mitchell, that officials had not provided Halal meat. That had forced him to adopt a largely vegetarian diet, said Akhtar. On one occasion he was given a pork sandwich.

He is, of course, crying discrimination all the way to the sharia bank.