Friday, May 04, 2007

Nancy Speaks! Al qaeda aren't terrorists and the Iraqis can take care of them

There she goes again.

Pelosi attacks Bush over War at the Ultimate Woman's Power luncheon fund raiser for Rep. Jan Schakowsky

First, she supports the troops by dissing them and dealing them the victim card:
Pelosi questioned whether it was ethical to send troops into war "under a false pretense without a strategy for success," without proper equipment and training and without "demanding accountability from the Iraqi government while we dishonored our commitment to our veterans here at home."

Overreaching once again, she totally misrepresents the will of the American people.
"In the elections, when the American people were calling for a new direction, the one place where they called for it in the clearest possible way was in the war in Iraq," Pelosi (D-Calif.) told an audience estimated at about 2,000 people. "They wanted the war to wind down," Pelosi said.
"Instead, the president has escalated it. He has a tin ear in terms of listening to the people and a blind eye as to what is going on in Iraq."

Here's the part that makes your head hurt:
"We'll fight terrorism," she said. "There is absolutely no question about the Democrats commitment to fighting terrorism." Of warnings from the White House and Republicans that Al Qaeda is actively working in Iraq and threatening the country's stability, Pelosi said that Al Qaeda wasn't present before the U.S. invasion. (liar, liar pants on fire.) She said Al Qaeda represents "a small percentage of the insurgents and militias and those who are fighting there." Are you counting the Iranians and Syrians here too, Nan?

The kicker:
"The Iraqis will take care of Al Qaeda and we will fight terrorism wherever it exists," Pelosi said.

Does this mean Al Qaeda aren't terrorists in San Fran Nan world????

Sounds like it to me.